-Estate Sales

Can I preview the sale?

No sales are held prior to the posted sale dates and times. Please join the mailing list if you wish to preview a sale online. Private sales are open to anyone on Meyer Estate Sales mailing list. The Public Sale is open to the general public.

Will any items be auctioned?

Some items may be considered for online auction. In this case you will need to check our events page and www.estatesales.net for details. These items must be bid on and are not considered part of the Estate Sale. All other items not being auctioned will be sold at the Estate Sale Event location. These items will have clearly marked prices. There are no buyer’s fees for items sold during the Estate Sale.

How do I buy items from the Estate Sale?

Items can be purchased by customers visiting the Estate Sale Event location. Please check dates and times listed on the Meyer Estate Sales Calendar page. Items can be purchased during the posted hours. Our system is first-come, first-served. There is no sign-up sheet. Purchases are to be made by individual customers. Items can be set aside at our hold tables, and you can always ask our staff for assistance with moving wanted items to said tables while you continue to shop. Large items can be marked with "SOLD" tags, as soon as they are paid for. Please leave your contact information with the cashier if you need to return to pick items up. Please pick items up during the posted hours of the Estate Sale. We do not live at the Estate Sale Event location and cannot return to that location outside of the posted sale hours. Items not retrieved by the end of the Estate Sale Event will be considered forfeit and any payments towards said items will not be returned. It is YOUR responsibility to pick up purchased items in a timely manner, assuming no other arrangements with Meyer Estate Sales have been made.

How does pricing work?

Items are priced at Fair Market Value. Condition of items is taken into account when pricing. Prices are not negotiable during the first day of the Estate Sale Event. On the second day, offers will be considered on bulk purchases, or items valued at more than $100. On the final day of the Estate Sale Event, prices will be reduced by up to 50% off, and we will consider all reasonable offers.

Can you tell me the price of an item?

Prices will not be disclosed prior to the sale. You should expect that Estate Sales will be priced fairly and accordingly. We do not price at retail, so you should expect to find excellent deals, but also, you should expect to find rare items that will not have a retail price structure. Calls, texts and emails asking for pricing will be ignored.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Major Credit Cards, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal. A 5% fee will be charged for credit card payments. No checks.

Do you accept returns?

Returns will be accepted on untested electronic items. All other items are sold as-is and are assumed to be in working or functional order at the time of sale. Any issues with said items must be discussed with the manager prior to the sale of said item. The condition of one particular item will not be considered in the negotiation of the price of other items. The return of any item must be completed prior to the closing of the final sale day and hour. If the return is not accomplished by that time, all sales are considered final.

Will you hold items for me?

Items can be reserved at our Hold Tables while you are attending the Estate Sale Event. If you choose to leave the Event, all items will be returned to the Sales Floor and will not be held for you. If you wish to pick items up at a later time during the Estate Sale Event, those items must be paid for. "SOLD" tags will be placed on said items, and they will be set aside for you. Leave your contact information with the cashier if you purchase something that must be picked up at a later time. All sold items must be picked up during the posted hours of the Estate Sale Event, unless other approved arrangements have been made with Meyer Estate Sales.

Will you ship items to me?

Items can be shipped as soon as an approved payment is received. The buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements and fees, especially in the case of larger or more fragile items. Meyer Estate Sales is not responsible for any damages which occur in transit. Shipment Insurance must also be purchased by the customer and evidence of such insurance must be provided before the item is released by Meyer Estate Sales.

Will you deliver items to me?

Meyer Estate Sales does not provide any delivery services. Customers are expected to be able to remove items from the Estate Sale Event Location and haul said items with no help from MES staff. Customers are responsible for removal and hauling of any items purchased during an Estate Sale Event. Customers are responsible for any damages occurring to the Estate Sale Property during the removal of said items.